vrijdag 10 april 2009

Offshores sighted in Ursula Channel near Craig Alaska

Photo by Kathy Peavy

April 10
Orcas spotted 4/10 in Ursua Channel near Craig, Alaska. Travelling with a large pod of 4-5 family units with 4-5 in each pod. This one (w/curved fin) was travelling with a slightly smaller orca. Can you identify and let me know who this is?
Kathy PeaveyAnother reply from Graeme Ellis after receiving these additional photos from Craig, Alaska, April 10 submitted by Kathy Peavy & Joyce Mason:

Reply from Graeme Ellis of Canada's Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans, in answer to photos from Craig, Alaska, April 10 submitted by Kathy Peavy
These animals are most definitely offshores. Although the photo quality is not great I believe I can id O183 (male with bent over fin) and O246.
Graeme Ellis, Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada

Hi Kathy -Thanks for sending along the additional photos taken by Joyce as I was able to identify another animal, O175. These offshore encounters are very important, so thank you again for sending the photos and I hope you run into them again! Cheers,
Graeme Ellis, Canada Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans

zaterdag 5 april 2008

Offshores in Santa Barbara Channel

05 April 2008

Comments on the orca report in Santa Barbara Channel, CA by Anthony Lombardi: This sighting has not yet been confirmed as offshores through photo-ID. Anthony believes them to be offshores due to the large group size and temporal proximity to the previous day's sighting at Catalina Island. He said this was the largest pod of killer whales that he had ever seen (20-23+). I've asked him to send me any ID photos: these will verify if it was the same group. We have no documentation of offshore killer whales ever beating up any marine mammals; however, large transient groups of 25-30 have been documented to attack gray whale cow/calf pairs on multiple occasions. However, offshores have been known to make very close approaches to marine mammals, appearing to be especially curious in a manner similar to dolphins approaching (and often interacting with) gray or humpback whales.
Offshores confirmed & ID'd in Santa Barbara Channel, CA: After receiving photos from Anthony Lombardi, Alisa Shulman Janiger was able to confirm this sighting as offshores & ID several of the whales: Two of these are good ID shots: DEFINITELY OFFSHORE KILLER WHALES!! The ones that I recognize include the large male O155, the adult female CA502 (O150), and the female AP73 (all photographed off Pt. Loma on 11 March 2008; CA502 was confirmed in photos taken off Newport Beach on 23 March 2008). This encounter really adds to our record of a very nice series of offshore killer whale sightings off southern California.
Alisa Schulman-Janiger, ACS/LA Gray Whale Census Director

dinsdag 1 april 2008

Offshores sighted off Catalina Island

15-25 Orcas were sighted off Catalina Island, CA 33.4591°N 118.4939°W, traveling northwest starting at 6:30 am. They were swimming & playing, one had a very large fin. We had folks with us who have lived on catalina island for 26 years and have never seen killer whales here before ever.

Alexandra Winqvist.
These are definitely our offshore whales again! The second image is of CA101 (O87). She was also seen in the previous California offshore killer whale sightings: Pt. Loma on 11 March 2008, and Newport Beach on 23 March 2008. This is the female that I mentioned in earlier reports that I had first seen in Monterey Bay, California in November 1992. I identified at least 27 different individuals from the Pt. Loma sighting. Photographer Bill Lewis believed there to be at least 30 killer whales. Observers from the Newport Beach estimated the number of whales ranging from 30-60. Possibly some of these may have been around since the California offshore sightings in December! Thanks so much!
Alisa Schulman-Janiger, ACS/LA Gray Whale Census Director

zondag 23 maart 2008

Offshores sighted of Newport Beach, CA

23 March 2008, Orca Network reports:

At least 30+ offshore killer whales were sighted around 4:00 pm about six and a half miles off of Newport Beach, CA. I just looked at a few photos: these are at least part of the group that was sighted off of Pt. Loma by Bill Lewis on 11 March 2008. They were in multiple active subgroups spread out over about one and a half miles; several made close approaches to the boats. When last seen about 5:30 pm, they were headed up the coast toward Los Angeles. Initial IDs from photos taken by Cathy Lesnick and Cris Young include: CA502 (O150); CA101 (O87); O231; & AP62 (male).
Alisa Schulman-Janiger, Director, ACS/LA Gray Whale Census and Behavior Project

woensdag 10 oktober 2007

Offshores visit Johnstone Strait

10 October 2007, Orcalab reports:

No calls but orcas nearby

We began hearing distant calls on the Critical Point hydrophone around 6:45am, and think they were probably from offshore orcas, though we aren't sure.
10 Oct 2007 07:39:32 PDT

Distant calls audible.

A short while ago we began to hear calls in Johnstone Strait once again. Sounds like they may be an offshore group
10 Oct 2007 11:42:18 PDT

No calls but orcas nearby

The offshores continued west and are currently off the the entrance to Weynton Passage. They were foraging while generally still moving west mid strait. There are two small groups, maybe only a dozen or so.
10 Oct 2007 15:17:20 PDT

No orcas present.

The offshores were in two groups throughout the day, one group of 7 followed by a group of 5. They continued west past Alert Bay (Home of the Killer Whale!) but by 6:45pm only the group of 5 were seen going past Ledge Point (thanks to the MacKays for the report). We have only had constant boat noise since the whales went out of range to the west.
10 Oct 2007 22:48:02 PDT

vrijdag 7 september 2007

Offshores coming in from the West

07 September 2007, Orcalab reports:

Multiple pod calls audible.

Just when you feel the day is slow and easy... just one group in the area, busy feeding,relaxed.... when, surprise! Offshores coming from the west. The A30s are getting closer to Critical Point.
07 Sep 2007 16:21:53 PDT

No calls but orcas nearby

The Offshores are in Blackney Pass but moving very slowly south against the tide.
07 Sep 2007 18:27:48 PDT

No orcas present.

The Offshores retreated to the northwest after a long attempt to come through Blackney Pass. They have been quiet for some time now.
07 Sep 2007 20:35:49 PDT

Distant calls audible.

The offshores are calling once again in Blackfish Sound. Still trying for Blackney?
07 Sep 2007 20:44:47 PDT

No orcas present.

Again the offfshore calls disappeared after becoming very distant on Flower Island.
07 Sep 2007 22:54:56 PDT

vrijdag 1 december 2006

01 December 2006, Orcalab reports:

Superb sounds!!

We just started to hear Offshores in johnstone Strait.
01 Dec 2006 18:26:55 PST